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Wooden handmade coasters with 7 energy centers/7 chakra symbols for "charge" your drink. Each energy center-chakra has have own symbol, meaning and includes the different spheres of your life, the functioning of your organs, your emotional state, and your overall well-being. You can choose a different tea/drink coasters every day, depending on what kind of boosting and for which center you need that day. Consciously directing your thoughts in the right direction can help you improve your quality of life, and these "reminders" will always remind you to back inside and "re-scan" yourself to self-assess your emotional and physical condition.


The set consists of:

○ A wooden box with the "OM" (Aum) symbol denoting the absolute essence/existence of the Universe;

○ 7 wooden coasters with 7 different energy center symbols/chakras;

○ Symbol explanation booklet in Lithuanian or English language.


Coastes diameter 10cm/3,93inches, thickness 3-4mm/1,18-1,57inches. Box dimensions: 11,5x11x3,7cm/4,52x4,33x1,77inches, birch wood. The coasters are impregnated with a natural color giving linseed oil (without any harmful chemicals).

Wooden coasters ''7 energy centers/7 chakras/OM''

€39.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
  • Items are shipped within 1-3b.d. after payment. Shipments to other countries are sent by Registered Priority Lithuanian Post, after payment of the order you will receive a e-mail with the shipment tracking number.

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