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Hello, I am Ieva Šileikaitė - the founder of the Cradle Of Design. Everything that is born here is inspired by the themes of nature, freedom, the path of consciousness, magical symbols, sacred geometry and miracles. Welcome!

🖤 Graphic design: Logo design, business cards, illustrations, etc.
🖤 Products: Wooden gifts, accessories, home products. (E-Shop)


I am a creator of conscious graphic design and natural products inspired by nature and its cycles. All I have in mind is to gradually bring humanity back into connection / harmony with itself. My intention is to bring a little magic, miracles into your daily life, to remind us of the inner strength that we each have in ourselves, and to encourage us to create our reality even more boldly, both in decision-making and in full self-expression. Inspired by the path of consciousness on which I travel, nature and its cycles, magical symbols, sacred geometry and inner freedom, I felt that I really want to help people go boldly to create an even more wonderful tomorrow, to promote their full potential through self-expression. Feeling this clear guidance, I decided to be the bridge that connects you and your dream, so I further specified my graphic design theme. I am very, very open to everyone, and especially to those who create environmentally beneficial businesses that are savvy or enlighten the human mind and heart, natural / organic products or products, awareness blogs, yoga studios, animal rescue organizations, and so on. With the greatest pleasure I create a design specifically for this type of activity broadcasting beautiful intentions. Logos, business cards, illustrations, publications and more. I know very clearly where I am moving and what my goal is, so not only will I help you to understand your own thoughts, but I will also support and advise you at this stage of your life. Even if you don’t know what design or logo you would like, don’t really be afraid of it. The feeling of meeting you never lies and always dictates the best decisions for you, and I visualize it all through myself.



The The Best regards,


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Please send inquiries regarding orders and services by filling in the form provided or by e-mail.

Ieva Šileikaitė

Mobile: +37068148398

Individual act.code: 748574

Business hours:

I-V: 09:00-18:00

V: 09:00-17:00

VI-VII: We are not working

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Do you have suggestions, unimplemented ideas, or maybe you want to come together for a joint project or join us? Write / call :)! Let's create a more beautiful world together :)!


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