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A conscious game for a couple "Both Of Us". The game uses a 22-question-to-answer method. Each character in the game has a question that belongs to him which you ask your partner. The most important thing in this game is not to rush, allow yourself and your partner to fully feel what the questions in the game raise, listen to the other with an open heart allowing him to answer questions, discuss as much as you want and stay conscious throughout the game.


This game is for couples who want to dive even deeper into the knowledge of each other. It is a tool that can help a relationship

to grow. Time spent together will help: strengthen interconnection, find the answers for certain life situations, turn to your inner self, realize feelings of your beloved, to find out something new or maybe even to see everything from a new perspective. Life constantly hanging, so this game is unique because You never know what question you will get. And in the long run, you will notice, that your answers may change over time especially compared with first-time answers. It allows you to engage in deeper introspection and build a much more beautiful relationship. Good luck!


The game consists of:

  • Wooden game box (14x7,5cm / 5,51x2,95inches);
  • 22 wooden heart with symbols +bag for them storing;
  • Paper roll (1pcs game rules, 1pcs questions for symbols. Both in Lithuanian or English language).

Game for a couple ''Both Of Us''

€45.00 Regular Price
€39.00Sale Price
  • Items are shipped within 1-3b.d. after payment. Shipments to other countries are sent by Registered Priority Lithuanian Post, after payment of the order you will receive a e-mail with the shipment tracking number.

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